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What we do is a full-­text search and intelligence engine for podcasts and radio. We transform speech into text, then analyze and index it to create the deepest database of podcasts and radio in the English language.

The API makes it possible to filter content by show, network, category, people, or topic, and quickly share audio segments across social networks like Twitter. The API also aggregates cultural intelligence from thousands of tastemakers on the web to provide the best audio recommendations and search relevancy.

Who it's for

We built the API with lots of input from audio creators, platforms, and advertisers. Audio publishers, distributors, and advertisers should contact us for enterprise API services.

With, you can:

Search through thousands of episodes

Verify advertisements

Share specific moments within audio

Identify related content through our recommendation algorithms

Free developer API

Are you an audio app developer? Podcast listener? is here to help with search and recommendation for audio stories. Get a sense for our audio intelligence on this site, or hop over to the API developer docs and try it out for yourself. The API is free for non-commercial use.


The current database is a constantly-growing selection of top performing podcasts and radio programs. We add new shows all the time. We also work with enterprise customers to serve their entire catalogs.

Who we are is brought to you by the team at Pop Up Archive. Pop Up Archive takes sound from anywhere and automatically creates timestamped transcripts and keywords, indexed so you can play back search terms exactly where they are found in the audio. Using speech-to-text software trained for media, we enable organizations like This American Life and NPR to find, reuse, and monetize their audio.