About Audiosear.ch

Audiosear.ch takes podcast discovery and recommendation to the next level. Our API is the most comprehensive source of podcast metadata in the English language, offering full-text podcast search, transcripts, and time-stamped annotations (proper nouns, brands) as well as topic clusters, keywords, mood, and ratings. Audiosear.ch serves audio distributors seeking better metadata to power search, discovery, and recommendation.

Powering the best podcast experiences by automatically knowing everything about podcasts.

Audiosear.ch's technology takes sound from anywhere and automatically creates timestamped transcripts and keywords, indexed so you can play back search terms exactly where they are found in the audio. Using speech-to-text software trained for media, we've been working for years with organizations like NPR, This American Life, the New York Public Library, and the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (WGBH) to help media companies find, reuse, and monetize their media. You can see more of our previous work at www.popuparchive.com.

Audiosear.ch is a full-­text search and intelligence engine for podcasts and radio. The Audiosear.ch platform turns speech into text, indexes it, and analyzes it to create millions of data points (i.e. topics, entities, people, reviews). We help audio distributors, platforms, and advertisers improve listener experiences, audio discovery, and content targeting.


Anne WoottonCo-founder, CEOAnne holds a Master’s in Information Management and Systems from the University of California Berkeley. She has spoken internationally about audio search and discoverability, including SXSW Interactive, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, and the Aspen Institute. Before arriving in California, Anne managed a historic newspaper digitization project at Brown University, where she studied Abraham Lincoln's Classical influences. Anne is a winner of the 2012 Knight News Challenge: Data.
Bailey SmithCo-founder, CTOBailey holds a Master’s in Information Management and Systems from the UC Berkeley School of Information and has worked as an editor, journalist, and information architect. She previously worked at Yahoo and as a user experience researcher and designer for Code for America and Pivotal Labs. She has also engaged intimately with media production as the producer of the radio documentary, Local Hire, an exploration of the rise and fall of film production in North Carolina. Bailey is a winner of the 2012 Knight News Challenge: Data.
Anders HowertonSoftware EngineerAnders holds a Master’s in Poetry from the University of East Anglia. Prior to learning to code, he worked as a writer and an academic tutor. His last role was as an engineer at Apple. A long-time love of podcasts has him curating an ever-expanding queue. He continues to publish poetry and fiction, and he’s continually fascinated by the similarities between code and poetry.
Leda MarritzMarketing DirectorLeda holds a degree in Comparative Literature from Brown University. She is an avid reader and podcast listener who is fascinated by the stories we tell, and how we tell them. Leda was previously the creative director for a small green infrastructure company, where she produced a podcast called Remarkable Objects about the intersection of nature and the urban environment.
Tali SingerComputational LinguistTali holds a bachelor's degree in linguistics and a Master's degree in computational linguistics from Brandeis University. A public-radio-producer-turned-computer-scientist, Tali has worked with producer Dmae Roberts , been the associate producer of Interfaith Voices, and more recently worked on speech recognition at Ramp. Not surprisingly, when she's not improving speech recognition and natural language processing for podcasts, you can find her listening to podcasts of all sorts.
Shindo StrzelczykSoftware EngineerShindo studied linguistics and cognitive science as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, and at the University of Lyon in France for a semester, and subsequently worked in the Phonology Lab studying speech perception. His passion for human communication extends from the theoretical to radio and storytelling, and he has been a public media fanatic since high school. When he's not fixing bugs and slinging code, he is often running long distances, snowboarding, rock climbing, or writing.
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