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03/23/2017 Put down the pitchfork and get ready for some Shop Talk with Mark Billy, and OKpants. The wide world of comics bookends today's episodes with some controversial opinions about the best Bruce Banner and a long look at the film Logan. From finding your tribe to talking about your work without doing any of it, the boys examine their formative years as creatives and what motivated them. Mark puts out a new ethics code on constructive criticism and when it should be given while Aaron argues it might just be a new facet to tolerate on the world wide wide web. This is the hangout you need with the friends you love to get you through the final push of the week. Antics ensue. Talking Points OKpants 2.0 as Pants Pantsly the divorced aunt from 2024 or as the Barb of AID. The mind shift at your forties to become the person you want to be.  Is the ship going down or are you looking for a way out? The only asset you need in life to do what you want.  Ben Affleck is the best Batman.  Forgiveness and directing.  The weakness of Wizard World in Cleveland.  Pent up perverts that need some cautionary signage.  Comic shop geeks and their hypothetical lives.  Growing up normal and the paradigm of coolness.  Community college, art school, and careers in the creative world.  Blue collar perspectives on white collar privilege on the approach to "work." The debate of art.  The importance of critiquing your work while you're working on it and not when you're finished with it.  Embodying the constructive spirit with your comments and not slipping into the ego centric musings about similarity.  Pitchfork campaigns from posts without proper context that cost people their jobs.  A new class emerges and unhealthy habits in children.  Understanding various cultural niches and doing the right thing.  Changing neighborhoods, racist self defense 101, and standing up to end a meeting.  Getting cc'ed on some bad thoughts.  Movie trailer swearing, AID language, and defining explicit. Wolverine or... and getting outnerded.  A review of Logan and Old Man Logan.  It takes Deadpool for Hollywood to finally make a dark superhero comic book film.  Keep it dark and bleak.  Storytelling with too many elements and the suits that ruin it by crowbarring in too many elements. 
03/23/2017 The former headquarters of the LAPD avoided a date with the wrecking ball Wednesday after a vote on its fate was postponed due to a clerical error. But city leaders are still moving ahead, despite concerns from preservationists.
03/23/2017The Redbud tree starts budding in the Lowcountry before it does elsewhere in the South Carolina. It is a harbinger of Spring, which arrives first in the southern part of the state.
03/22/2017The Bald Eagle does, in fact live in the state throughout the year. This time of year they are nesting.
03/22/2017Today we caught up with Christine Røde, a brand and interaction designer working in Amsterdam who previously worked at Facebook on Workplace and search. In this episode we dig into Christine's background, her journey to San Francisco, navigating startup and big company life, and her advice to folks outside the Bay Area.
03/22/2017 Our Podcast has always been interviews, but in this episode we're going to shake things up. This time Joey will be flying solo, giving you his most tactical, actionable Freelance tips that you can start using right now. Some of these tips are from our course, Freelance U, and others are from our first book, The Freelance Manifesto, which you can look forward to adding to your summer reading list in June of 2017. Whether you're a veteran or just starting out by the end of this episode you'll be a more confident freelancer. You will get Joey's best tips on finding Freelance work, impressing your clients, and getting paid to do the work that you love. Keep a notepad handy, you'll want to write these down. Check out this episode on our site:
03/22/2017 Mark Brickey, Mitch Putnam, and special guest Rob Jones take on the Top 10 Posters culled from every post during the month of February. Composition, illustration tricks, and behind the scenes information only Mondo Insiders can bring you fill this countdown recorded on site at the Rob Jones Mansion. Does your poster have too many earrings on it? Will color ruin your black and white linework? Do all these great artists nail the composition and concept on their first try? All of these questions are answered as these three industry experts break down all ten posters while talking about what makes each of them successful and where they fall short. With subject matter ranging from bunny orgies to severed fingers there is no stone left unturned in this month's poster countdown. Talking Points Split focus endorsement issues Blasting out your titles.  When everything is well done but the composition is off.  Bringing a cinema collage together.   Late addition Spider Man pop ins and a free fall of approvals that draw out a process. Precious storytelling real estate and locking in the hierarchy.  Becoming a full time separator to broaden the market of usable illustrators. Cat hospices, black pearls, and splitting up families.  Cartoons with realistic features. Picking expressions that best tell the story.  Movement through perspective in a composition.  The extra work that makes a great poster.  Compartmentalization that can deliver more information.  Servicing fans the way they want.  Are there one too many earrings on your poster? Doing research on pieces versus guessing at what's important in the narrative.  Was Phasma supposed to be the next Boba Fett? Forensic research on very specific Star Wars characters and the weird inconsistencies that were right in front of you.  Tiered fan expectations for Mike Mitchell's Star Wars series.  Painterly decisions, collectibility, and tribute imagery.  The difficulty of Harrison Fords profile and reference photos.  Continuity issues, color changes, and the back and forth with LucasArts.  The hard work that leads to a high quality in your work and rising through the ranks.  Boiling down all your ideas to a one second snapshot.  Missing the tips.  Variants that make a difference, involve a bit of effort and a dash of risk.  Effortless, prolific talent on tap.  Finding a way to say something through your work.  Supply changes as demand goes up later on in life.  Should Teagan White split her styles into two separate businesses? Navigating the waters of transitioning over to fine art from posters.  Intensity and edge in subject matter.  Pressure Printing with carved embossing that is breaking the mold in the poster world.  A hero rises from the comic book industry.  Seven digit figure, top level art careers and where the work comes from.  Working with Jess more on movie posters that sell out instantly due to talent and not property.  Rounding out Mondo's poster lineup from well known properties.  The longest, most important, and innovative careers in posters.  The old guard versus the new guard.  Caring about properties.  Forced perspective that grabs the eye and gives you vertigo.  Art print appeals to the audience.  When black and white imagery gets too much color and loses a lot of the striking contrast and details.  Rogue One critiques and second run throughs.
03/22/2017What’s the future of media? We take a look into the art of original reporting and see why we devour stories in different ways.
03/22/2017 Dave Longstreth started making music under the name Dirty Projectors in 2002, while he was in college. Since then, he’s released seven albums and collaborated with Bjork, Solange, and Kanye West, Paul McCartney, and Rihanna. And Dirty Projectors went from a solo project to a full-band, performing on TV, and at Carnegie Hall. Dave and one of his bandmates were in a relationship for much of that time, but then that relationship and the band broke up. In February 2017, with Dirty Projectors as solo project once again, Dave released a self-titled album, a breakup album, looking back on those years. In this episode, Dave breaks down the song "Up in Hudson," and the winding road he went down to create it.
03/22/2017In this special tax season edition of the Etsy Conversations Podcast Resource episode, I review and summarize the article about what deductions are available to Etsy sellers in 2017. NOTE: I am not an accountant or tax lawyer and this recap is purely for informational purposes and should not be construed as tax or financial advice. Okay, so now that that's out of the way... Here are some major take-aways: Keep excellent records - by being diligent with your record-keeping, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and stress if you ever get audited by the IRS. Things to track: Vehicle expenses and mileage Cell phone and internet use for business Equipment expenses Shipping expenses Home office expenses Advertising fees Legal or professional services Charity donations Education, networking, and travel Meals and entertainment Retirement contributions Please take a minute to subscribe and leave an honest review of the podcast in iTunes and Stitcher. That really helps to get the word out about the show. Connect With Me: Twitter: Follow @ConvoMePodcast Facebook Group: Etsy Conversations - This is where I'm connecting with you after the podcast. Lots of fun convos here too! Facebook: Like the Etsy Conversations Podcast Facebook Page Pinterest: Etsy Conversations Podcast Instagram: @EtsyConvo Google+: Etsy Conversations Podcast Email: Use the Contact Form OR interview [at] convome [dot] com For more help growing your Etsy-based business, check out these resources: