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02/21/2017 Some car sounds are more obvious like the horn or engine... but what about the not-obvious-until-you-point-them-out sounds like the hollow thud of a trunk or the click of a latch? The sounds a car makes are so closely associated with quality, so how, exactly, do car makers handle this aspect of the driving experience? Featuring Car Enthusiast & Sound Mixer Brian Garfield, David Zenlea from Road & Track, and Tom Teknos from Ford. MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE "A Million Years" by Awake or Sleeping "Boy with a Kite" by Joe Moralez "Reach" by  Roary "Way Out - Instrumental" by  Could Ever "Take me Home" by  The Analog Affair Music in this episode was from our friends at Musicbed. Also, check out our Musicbed Playlist. Please take 20 seconds and complete our Listener Poll. Check out the new Defacto Sound website by Mast & Pocketknife, and be sure to tell your friends in the TV, Film, & Game industries all about it. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook. Our website is Take a moment to text a friend or spread the word on social. It makes a world of difference. Please consider supporting the show at
02/21/2017A skeleton is found in the woods...
02/21/2017 In this episode we talk all about self doubt, something that all designers seem to experience at some stage! Learn how to manage this self doubt and instead focus on enjoying the creative process.
02/21/2017 This is the typography discussion you've been waiting for with Erik Marinovich from Friends Of Type. Erik has brought lettering to life for everyone from Google to Facebook to Ford as his unbridled passion for letterforms brings their messages to a much more vibrant life. What separates Erik from the pack is that he understands the importance of the message itself and how his typework can bring that to life. With one two three typographic hierarchies, a strong grasp on storytelling, and an unwavering passion for his work its no wonder Erik was a key character in this typographic resurgence amidst a vast sea of uninspired type blocks and pre-textured fonts thrown together more haphazardly than Kanye West's sense of fashion. Sit down and learn from one of the best in the business to start transforming your work into the well thought out, impactful piece you want it to be. Consonants and vowels have never had it so good! Talking Points Bringing type into the spotlight. Noodling with custom forms and rediscovering lettering. Life experience that influences your design. Original content and the perseverance necessary to become a better creative. Macro and micro views. Waiting until the last minute to live in the moment and discover your process. Making type talk and losing your loyalty to style. The One Two Three Hierarchy and type instead of typography. Erik Mood Board as a starting point and solving specific problems. From Point A to Point Paid. Untrained eyes that break you out of tunnel vision. Owning the "the" and the importance of representation in the corporate world to explain your value in the marketplace. Giving in to what your best at and becoming a Billy. Type or illustrations of type? The evolution of Blogs, social media, and fixing things at 7000% zoom. Thirty Day Challenges that will kick you in the ass and spark inspiration. Keeping your finger on the pulse of what you like and injecting that directly into your work. Do you have something for actually say? Collecting what you feel in the moment to be the best storyteller you can be. Four things you have to do versus the one thing you want to do and recalibrating your toolset for optimal workflow. Less likes as a metric for what's working better. Learning through your eyes of your children and finding the bird. Custom made letters and the worst misspellings of all time. Jaded from excessive signage and trimming the fat. Dream things to hang in your office and a 1:1 scale brontosaurus.
02/21/2017 This week, I'm talking with Michelle Ward and Erin Cassidy about collaborations - the good, the bad, and everything you need to know before you jump into one! We talk about what we've learned about collaborations in our 21+ years of combined business experience and how our most successful collaborative projects got started. If you're interested in finding a collaborator or already have someone in mind you'd like to partner with, this episode is a must listen!  Bonus: we dole out a ton of relationship advice too!    Show Notes:  It's Business Time  - Priority applications open 2/28 - sign up to get first dibs! RSVP for the 10 Do's & Don'ts of Starting a Business webinar on March 2 Connect with Michelle: Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook   |  Twitter Connect with Erin: Website  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest   |  Twitter The Declaration of You Jessica Swift Michelle & Erin's past RYHSY episodes: Ep. 9: Michelle Ward on Big Dreams Ep. 25: Erin Cassidy on Creative Freedom Ep. 28: Michelle Ward on Starting a Business Ep. 39: Erin Cassidy on Comparison Ep. 78: Michelle Ward on Evolution Ep. 90: Erin Cassidy on Evolution Want More? Other episodes on Collaboration:  Fug Girls Nicole & Delilah from Craftcation Mati Rose Stefanie Renee & Liz Kalloch Join the RYHSY FB group and get Tiffany's weekly love notes in your inbox.
02/21/2017RAPIDFIRE! pew pew We’re covering a lot of ground in this episode: AMP revisited, mailbags, password, HTTP2, getting old in web design, podcasting in Italian. Listen up! Jump to a discussion on… 2:10 What are your thoughts on AMP now? 8:25 What are your thoughts on 12:28 Please make the ShopTalk Show /archives/ mobile […]
02/21/2017Making a good living, making great art is my definition of success. In this episode, I give you practical tips on how to stimulate a thriving ecosystem of creative money making. Thanks to our syndicate Illustration Age, you can find this show at Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music. Thanks to my man Nate Utesch and his band Metavari for all the other tunes! Astropad App - Turn Your iPad into a Graphics Tablet! The episode art was made using Astropad! Twenty20 - Stock Photos that don’t suck! Get your first 5 photos free at
02/20/2017In this episode we reflect on what it’s been like to leave design school and start designing full time. We cover the many differences in the design process and the people you work with in school vs out in the “real world” and share advice for making the transition smoother. More at
02/20/2017 Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik Guest: Latoya Lewis In this episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash C.E.O. David Adler sits down with Latoya Lewis, the founder and executive director of Washington-based nonprofit EnventU. This two-year-old program partners with urban high schools to teach event, meeting, conference, and trade show skills to the next generation of industry leaders. Using classroom study and experiential learning, EnventU teaches leaderships skills and professional development, and helps teens explore passions and creativity they didn’t know they had. The program is currently in three high schools and has given students the chance to work on some of Washington’s biggest events. By exposing students to the industry in high school, EnventU aims to spark dreams that can influence a lifetime. Find out more at Disclosure: David Adler is the chairman of EnventU. Download or subscribe to the show at Running time 17:36.