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10/05/2098Psalm 1 gives us a key to deeper fulfillment in every dimension of our being: meditation. Its essence is reading and reminding ourselves of the truths of God while dwelling in his presence. As we dwell on him with our minds, our other dimensions ignite, affecting our lives and relationships, infusing them with wisdom, stability, and delight.
10/30/2097The Holy Spirit is the source of spiritual power available to all Christians. When we trust in Christ’s work done on our behalf, we can turn from trusting ourselves, and our spiritual life will begin.
02/20/2094No one knows better than Jesus that life is full of suffering. What does it mean to rejoice in our sufferings, or even grow from them?
10/10/2093If you want to gaze on the gospel as “the angels long to do,” you need to understand what the gospel is, how to gaze into it, and how to read the Old and New Testaments in light of Christ.