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03/23/2017 Jeff Sanders talks about the importance of reviewing our productivity and schedule each week. You can structure the review however you want. The point is that you feel like you understand what you did and what you are going to do. By reviewing your week you will understand what went wrong, what went right, and how you are going to make the week coming up the best it can be.
03/23/2017 Chad Carson is a 30-something semi-retired real estate mogul, who together with his business partner, oversees a portfolio of 90+ rental units. In fact, he and his wife are in the middle of an exciting adventure — a year abroad in Ecuador with their two daughters. But of course he didn’t start there. Fresh off the football field at Clemson, Chad’s real estate career started more modestly by “bird dogging” and house hacking — two of the tactics he shares in this week’s show. Note: Click here to download Chad’s top real estate investing tips from this episode. You can learn more about Chad and his real estate business at, where he writes about using real estate investing to retire early and do what matters. In this episode, Chad walks me through 5 real estate side hustles you can start on the cheap. Tune in to hear: How to use house hacking to earn rental income and live for free How to take advantage of tax-free live-in flips How anyone can start master leasing How to become a leasing agent How to start “Bird-dogging” Chad proves that you that you don’t need a large down payment to get started in real estate. You can even learn “how to do one of the more important parts of the rental business on someone else’s dime” if you’re smart about it. This episode is packed with actionable advice to help get you started with a side hustle in the real estate market, as well as some long-term options to set you on the path to building long-term wealth.
03/23/2017 Rashid Nuri is the founder and CEO of Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture in Atlanta, Georgia.  With four farm sites in Metro Atlanta, Truly Living Well is a leader in demonstrating urban agriculture as a sustainable solution for helping people to eat better and live better. Rashid shares his journey through the conventional agricultural system, including time spent working for Cargill and as a Clinton appointee to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to becoming an organic urban farmer. Along the way, he shares his insights into food systems, and how Truly Living Well uses fresh food and crops to enrich lives and build communities. We also dig into the systems Rashid has developed for effective urban farming, whether he is growing in boxes on top of concrete or in the soil. Rashid also shares the simple but effective composting and fertility system Truly Living Well uses to create healthy crops that allow them to grow without the use of pesticides. Perennial support for the Farmer to Farmer Podcast is generously provided by Vermont Compost Company and BCS America. Pictures, show links, and more at
03/23/2017 Shaquille O'Neal (@SHAQ) has been retired from basketball for almost six years, but he's still got his irons in plenty of fires. Here, we'll discuss everything from superheroes to law enforcement to business to sports to podcasting to -- yes -- the Flat Earth Theory. "It's never gotten out of control because even to this day I don't consider myself a celebrity." -Shaquille O'Neal The Cheat Sheet: What real-world experience Shaq is getting to prepare for a political race in 2020. How Shaq assembled what he calls The Panel to help manage not only his career but all his important life decisions -- and how you can do the same. Why Shaq doesn't consider himself a celebrity (and why that still isn't a good reason to bug him in the middle of dinner). How Shaq manages his emotions so he stays non-reactive on and off the court. Does Shaq really believe in the Flat Earth Theory? And so much more... Want to reach the fabled inbox zero? SaneBox learns what email is important to you and filters out what isn't. Visit today and you'll get an extra $25 credit on top of the two-week free trial! Does your business have an Internet presence? Now save a whopping 50% on new webhosting packages here with HostGator by using coupon code CHARM! Find out more about the team who makes The Art of Charm podcast here! Show notes at HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you dig the show, please subscribe in iTunes and write us a review! This is what helps us stand out from the crowd and help people find the credible advice they need. Review the show in iTunes! We rely on it! Stay Charming!
03/23/2017Today on The Lively Show I’m chatting about some shifts I’ve noticed over the past month that have occurred in my travel philosophy. My initial desires and packing list was somewhat different than it is now, 10.5 months into full-time travel. I’m sharing what has changed, and what has stayed the same. Plus, I’m talking about the concept of identity and whether it’s truly useful… or whether it holds us back. This episode is perfect for anyone interested to hear how my travel approach has changed or for anyone looking to think about the concept of identity in a new way.     [Tweet "“Travel has helped me reconsider who I am." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Seek what sparks joy" - @MarieKondo"] [Tweet "“I simply have to focus on what the universe is flowing to me in the present moment. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Don't let your luggage define your travels, each life unravels differently. " - @Koyczan"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why the Tropical Think Tank Conference was “path directing” to me. What my travel, process and packing have changed in me over the last few months. What I did in the first three to six months of travel and my recommendations for those traveling in a similar timeframe. What has stayed consistant during travel in regards to my travel philosophy and methods during that time. Why I focus only on one season of clothing in my wardrobe at one time. My reasons that a limited color pallet works great for my wardrobe while traveling Why full-size toiletries became an important addition to my traveling life. What has changed lately from the beginning of this year to the more recent weeks. How I add little touches of home wherever I go to live, since it brings me joy. My thoughts about my identity and how travel has had an impact on it. Why I broke my reliance on routine for happiness and instead, just go with the flow. Where I’m heading to next in this next phase of my life.   SHOW NOTES   Tropical Think Tank TLS #202 with Brooke Castillo Abraham Hicks TLS Vlog #17: What I Packed for Europe! (Part 1)  TLS Vlog #18: What I Packed for Europe! (Part 2) Lewis Howes Caroline Rector Airbnb Tom Dixon - Candles Writing To Your Intuition Marie Kondo Shane Koyczan Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
03/23/2017Today’s question comes from Glen, who has a question about image use on his website. Can he use images from Google on his website? What are some good alternatives to iStock or other stock image websites? Are there free to use images on Google? What are the legal implications for using images from Google on his website? In this episode, I mention Flickr as good alternative to iStock. Check them out at I also mention my Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Images on Your Blog, which you can find at Find Google's Advanced Image Search at Do you have a question about image use for your website? Record it at Thanks to our sponsor, Design Crowd. To learn more about working with their designers, go to
03/23/2017 In Episode 101, Vido Setaram, Manager of Sales Training and Culture at Scotiabank joined me in our Toronto office and shared how they empower their Home Financing Advisors to use social media to connect with prospects and clients.  In our conversation, we explored how he trains and consults with Advisors to become more efficient in their use of digital to improve the customer journey and drive sales. Be part of the conversation with @victorgaxiola on Twitter using hashtag #HSonAir. If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please send an email to We also invite you to “like” our podcast page on Facebook where we share posts about the podcast, our guests and other fun stuff.   If you like the music on the show, follow the special #HSonAir playlist on Spotify.
03/23/2017 Comes a time you’ve gotta get out of your head and just act. Maybe you want to change careers, start a company, learn to paint, start a relationship, write a book or mount any other potentially transformational endeavor. Think about it, ponder for a bit, suss out the basics, but then stop talking about it, […] The post Don’t Just Ship It appeared first on Good LifeProject.