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03/25/2017We're discovering new species at an accelerating rate. The disposable cardboard glider or the living transport system? Not quite, they're something completely different.
03/23/2017How great are sweat pants? We go deep on ‘athleisure’ and multi-level marketing, plus cops having legal sex with prostitutes, abandoned dogs, I buy something from a weirdo stranger, new section of the site - (share it with a friend!), English Paul gets a girl’s number, having anxiety and passing it on to your kids, my new favorite band The Lemon Twigs and Dave Chapelle’s new special.
03/23/2017We explore the mysterious ability of placebos to promote measurable physical healing, even when no medicine is present, and what this tells us about the power of belief and the body’s capacity self-curative potential.
03/23/2017Are you stuck in sexual sin, trapped in a cycle of sin and repentance? Freedom is possible. Through the power of God, you can escape the patterns of failure that hold you back and achieve true liberty to be the person God created you to be.
03/23/2017You'll never think of tickling the same way again. Also, a look at the dangers of being a know-it-all, the glory of Keanu Reeves, and the story of a badass four-year-old Siberian girl.
03/23/2017 Danae Elon’s latest film “P.S. Jerusalem” is a first person account of moving back to the city of her childhood after living abroad for 17 years. A key presence in the film is her late father Amos Elon who was a widely read author of books and essays on Israel. Before his death in 2009, he had become so disillusioned with the country that he moved to Italy and cautioned Danae not to move back. But she couldn’t resist the pull. She moves with her husband Philip and their three sons, documenting the city’s tensions and what it means to her family. Her previous films “Partly Private” (about circumcision) and “Another Road Home” (about her childhood caregiver) also feature her family. In this interview with Pure Nonfiction host Thom Powers, Elon reflects on her complicated relationship with Jerusalem and the challenges of having her family as subjects. For more on "P.S. Jerusalem”: On Twitter: @danaeelon1 @thompowers @PureNonfiction Pure Nonfiction is distributed by the TIFF podcast network. Check out the new podcast TIFF Long Take interviewing key figures in the film world. The post PN 41: Danae Elon on “P.S. Jerusalem” appeared first on Pure Nonfiction.
03/23/2017 In June of 2016, American English teachers & Fulbright English Teaching Assistants from around South Korea gathered at the Seoul Global Cultural Center in Myeong-dong to share their thoughts & cultural talents at the Black Culture & History Festival. Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland spoke with event organizers & attendees to get their thoughts on race relations in South Korea. Stream this episode online at Download the full episode at Rate & Review this podcast at This episode is brought to you by Podcast Assist's $30 per hour flat rate podcasting voice overs, editing, mastering, transcriptions & even hosting (select a topic & they'll create & host the podcast). Visit for more information. Subscribe to this & other Korea FM original content via: iTunes - Overcast - RSS - Stitcher - audioBoom - Player FM - Tunein - Acast -
03/23/2017This episode is sponsored by Jelly Telly. Use code CULTIVATELOVELY to get your first week free and a free downloadable coloring book! Today we’re welcoming back Mystie Winckler, who was the first official guest of Cultivating the Lovely Podcast when she shared with us her passion for organization and how attitude is everything. If you haven’t already,... Read more... You just finished reading CLT Ep 28- Myers-Briggs for Moms with Mystie Winkler! Consider leaving a comment!
03/23/2017Remember the Arab Spring? Bassem Youssef does! Ahmed talks to “Egypt’s Jon Stewart” to see what lessons Americans can learn from his time in revolution. They talk about the Trump administration's electronics ban, the differences between American and Arab humor, and representation of women and people of color in media. Then, Ahmed collects your terrible pick-up lines from last week and reads them out loud to BuzzFeed’s Zainab Shah. Spoiler alert: She does not like them very much. Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads. Follow Bassem @BYoussef. Follow the show at @seesomething and, Subscribe to our newsletter, Find more episodes at, Email us at Our music is by The Kominas. Follow them at @TheRealKominas and
03/23/2017 Transitions are often interesting occasions in our lives which force us to confront the self on a critical level and evaluate our apparent trajectories. This is particularly true of military veterans, whose transitions home from military operations of all kinds can be jarring given the stark contrast of military procedures and civilian life. We're particularly grateful to speak with Travis Partington this week about some of his experiences as a Marine and his shift out of the military. How can civilians better welcome and support those making this journey? What do our preconceptions of those in the military suggest about our impressions of their times and perspectives? How do we collectively lose stories and insight in failing to ask about their experiences? Talk to us on TwitterFacebook and leave us a review on iTunes! We would love to hear your thoughts!