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02/24/2017At the beginning of November, an advert appeared on the lost and found section of a well-known website. Amongst the pictures of misplaced iPads, recovered wedding rings and lost drones, was a photo of a smiling young man, holding a new-born baby. 'Father and partner missing', it said. Zack's in his late 20s. He has bipolar disorder. On medication, he has it mostly under control. He and his girlfriend Kirsty had just moved into a new flat and become proud parents of their first child together. Life, they thought, was good. But one day in early November, on their five year anniversary and when the baby was just 5 weeks old, Zack left for work and never came home. His decision to go appeared meticulously planned. He had disappeared without trace. In a special, serialised version of The Untold, Grace Dent presents the story of a girlfriend turned sleuth, and her hunt for the truth. It's a search which takes her across the country. The police tell Kirsty that he's safe and well. She doesn't believe them. Her family try to warn her off the search. She ignores them. She hears news that he's working and has started a new life. She finds he has been gambling. She receives texts from him claiming he's lost his memory. Is he playing her, or does he need her help? Over the past three months The Untold has recorded with Kirsty and her family as they make unsettling discoveries about his disappearance, and find out the truth as to why he went. It's something that will test her love for him and her understanding of his mental illness. Producer: Georgia Catt.
02/22/2017HARDtalk’s Sarah Montague speaks to Tzipi Livni, the joint leader of the Zionist Union opposition in Israel's parliament and a former Foreign Minister. For decades many have assumed that the only way there will be peace in the Middle East is when the Palestinians have their own state. But President Trump has made it clear that America is no longer wedded to the idea, whilst Tzipi Livni has in the past stated her support for “two states for two peoples". Could one state where Jews, Muslims and Christians are all treated equally, have a greater chance of delivering peace?
02/21/2017We’re joined this week by Jason of From A Basement in Tulsa for some songs by an artist you’ve seen live. Tracks include: Shoreline by Daes Vail, Devil Without A Cause by Kid Rock, Evenflow by Pearl Jam, Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, Bad by U2, Nessun Dorma by Chris Botti, Slow Motion by PHOX, Good […]
02/21/2017Why Did I Get (Black) Married (Fly)starring relationship advice from Treblemaka and Candace DeNae of Black.Married.Fly podcast. Conversation Con Artists split the bill with relationship advice from the therapeutic perspective (Red and Mr. On Point), and the experience perspective(Treblemaka and Candace). Join us as we (ratchetly) seek to help you maintain a better relationship! Send us a listener letter @ Website: Twitter: @Red_Calamity @Mister_OnPoint @ConvoConArtists Facebook: Conversation Con Artists Help #ConTheConvo!
02/21/2017 Today’s topic is a bit different than our previous episodes. We talk about challenging ourselves to take on various self-care and food-related experiments. We also share our experiences with all of the money challenges we’ve done, such as Carrie’s 60-day cash diet and Cait’s two-year shopping ban. Carrie also talks about the success she’s had with the 12-month savings challenge, after having failed at the 52-week savings challenge. Then Cait explains more about her year of slow living experiments, which includes one month of what she calls “slow money”. Finally, we discuss the importance of being open to challenges like these, whether you fail or succeed at them. Every time you challenge yourself, you have the opportunity to grow!
02/21/2017 In this week's special 2 year / 100th episode, we go to the fans for topic suggestions and favorite moments.  In celebration, we also record our first ever episode from an actual bar, The Rook (@TheRookOTR).  Join us as we look back on 99 episodes of CTP. Join in on the conversation by tweeting us @couplethingspod or by leaving a comment below.
02/21/2017Move It Forward Monday: Kris "KC" Carter joins Richard and the RR Crew to discuss how making decisions can either make you or break you... Listen in as Steve, Mary, Rich and the crew...
02/21/2017 Hannah knows what it takes to follow her dreams, and has always lived by her Uncle’s motto “never give up”.  At 13 years old, she became the youngest ever winner of the BT Young Sailor of the Year award for her achievements at the Mirror World Championships. Aged 15 she received a phone call that changed the direction of her life. Andy Cassell, the Atlanta Gold medalist in the Sonar class opened her eyes to disability sailing, which she had previously thought of as the weaker option.  After winning the bronze medal at the World Championships, her team was selected above her childhood hero and mentor, Andy Cassell which sent her to her first Paralympic Games - Athens 2004! During this podcast we learn more about the setbacks she’s had to face, how she has dealt with failure and crushing disappointments. Throughout it all she has kept moving forward with pure grit and determination.  After listening to Hannah you will be inspired to take on your own personal challenge.   Show notes Going back to her childhood and understanding what it was like for her growing up What she loved about sailing & how sailing changed her perception of herself. Going off to military school at young age & what she’s learned from that experience Growing up with her disability and dealing with bullies Making the Youth Squad in sailing Winning the Young Sailor of the Year Award when she was 13 years old! Knowing that sailing was going to be in her future Dealing with the pressure of coming from a sailing family Thinking that Paralympian sailing was the weaker option and how her mind got changed. Deciding to leave university after 2 years and focus on the Athens campaign Beating her childhood hero & mentor at the 2003 World Championships The mental preparation while competing at an elite level The Chimp Paradox and exercising the chimp! Racing & competing in China Race tactics & why it’s a balancing act Losing a medal at the London Olympics 2012 16 years of sailing and the reason she sails Her preparation for Rio What she does to get ready before a race 2 bad days on the water at Rio and having to fight back to Bronze position, before losing out to a disqualification Dealing with the loss What’s the extra one percent and why you have to fight to the end - no matter what The closing party in Rio! What sailing has taught her Sailing has been dropped from the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020 The Vendee Globe 2020 Challenge! Final words of advice to motivate & inspire you!   Learn more about Hannah by visiting her website - & say hi to her on twitter @SailingHannah. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL     Feeling inspired week after week?  You can do 3 easy things to help me continue to grow the podcast! Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, so you won’t miss a single episode If you’re loving the podcast, please leave a 5-star review on iTunes! I read every single comment! Share the podcast with your friends, especially if you think it could help them, and spread the #ToughGirlPodcast love.  Your support helps me continue to grow the podcast and do inspiring things in this space! Already done all 3? You’re a rockstar! Thank you! Want to do more? Please become a Patron and donate a small fixed amount every month to help fund the runnings costs.   
02/21/2017The hosts of the pop culture podcast, JoJCast  join me to discuss their choice for A Perfect Pop Act. They pick the inventive, genre-busting band – Gorillaz! If you listen to JoJCast’s show you know this pick makes perfect sense. In each episode the hosts share their opinions on an incredibly diverse array of music (everything from hip … Continue reading "A Perfect Pop Act: Gorillaz"