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02/23/2017 Glaciers around the world are melting and shrinking, but glaciologists have been finding out why some New Zealand glaciers bucked the trend and advanced between 1983 and 2005.
02/23/2017 Sonia Sly talks with psychologist Gwenda Willis about what drives our fears when confronted with the idea of living next door to a sex offender.
02/21/2017Guppies exposed to predators tend to aggregate into smaller, more tightly knit groups, which may allow them to coordinate their predator avoidance strategies. Jason G. Goldman reports.
02/21/2017Earth’s hidden Bermuda Triangle. EMP: a looming danger? Security concerns vis a vis respect for the President. #JourneyQuest: The boys concoct weapons and wage medieval war. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Ash vs Evil Dead Justin: Legion Brian: One Second After Bryce: Killing Time at Lightspeed Subscribe to the [...]
02/21/2017 The more we deepen our path of yoga the more we discover our dharma and our karma. Often with the help of a guide, a guru or a mentor our journey becomes sparkier, more connected, and opportunities just come about. Talya’s story is the healer’s journey - from disconnected to deeply aware, intune. She tells the path she walked from her disconnect with food to her celebration of the senses through Ayurvedic cooking. She is a chef, a cookbook writer, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic healer with a deep love of bringing people in love with their food. I rap with Tayla Lutzker about How to Write a Cookbook How she recovered from psoriasis with Ayurveda Why mentors matter and syncronicities arise Ancestral healing + Ayurveda What you’ll get out of tuning in:     A trust of your own path, your own dharma and karma A sense of how your words might matter to someone Q+A on Eating Disorders, Kindling Agni + Enhancing Your Digestion Links: About Talya Cate’s blog post on Enhance your Digestion  BIO Talya Lutzker is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, massage therapist, professional chef, author of three Ayurvedic cookbooks and the founder of Talya’s Kitchen, an Ayurvedic and nutrition-centered catering company in Santa Cruz, CA. She’s been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 1993 and a yoga teacher since 2001. Talya started to study Ayurvedic aromatherapy in 2003 and is super passionate about sharing the benefits of essential oils in her practice. These days, Talya teaches Ayurvedic self-care to thousands of people through online courses, classes, private consultations, cleanse programs, and her new year-long program “Nourishment School”. You can find Talya on, YouTube, and Facebook. To learn more about Talya and how Ayurvedic nutrition and self-care can change your life for the better, sign up for her newsletter at:  
02/21/2017In this week’s show, we’re talking about the growing movement to get more scientists to consider public office. Why do we need more scientists in office in the first place? Jacquelyn and Andy will talk with Shaughnessy Naughton, a chemist who ran for the House of Representatives in 2016. That experience inspired her to found 314 Action, an organization that helps scientists start campaigns. Jacquelyn will also talk about how she’s grappled with what it means to stand up for science in an era of alternative facts and outright attacks on America’s scientific infrastructure. For many in the scientific community, this is totally new territory. Learn more about 314 Action: Follow Shaughnessy on twitter: @VoteShaughnessy Want to support this podcast and the American solar industry at the same time? Visit our sponsor, Wunder Capital, and set up an account to invest directly in solar projects:
02/21/2017 Neuro Linguistic Processing Coach and therapist Simone Bienne discusses her ashram experience, meditation and tells deep secrets.  Outro Music "Without You" by Alke, courtesy This Episode is sponsored by
02/21/2017Like the American Robin, the European Robin is a bird of yards and gardens. But it’s not much bigger than a chickadee. The robin’s likeness turns up everywhere from Mother Goose rhymes, Peter Rabbit stories, and whiskey labels to postage stamps and Christmas cards.
02/21/2017 Listen as Director of Sales Strategy Jon Raynes talks about the new and improved sales tools available to help propel your business to the next level utilizing the latest programs and campaigns. He shares how to implement the various tool options to better support you and your team, from the ground up. For more information visit