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02/24/2017At the beginning of November, an advert appeared on the lost and found section of a well-known website. Amongst the pictures of misplaced iPads, recovered wedding rings and lost drones, was a photo of a smiling young man, holding a new-born baby. 'Father and partner missing', it said. Zack's in his late 20s. He has bipolar disorder. On medication, he has it mostly under control. He and his girlfriend Kirsty had just moved into a new flat and become proud parents of their first child together. Life, they thought, was good. But one day in early November, on their five year anniversary and when the baby was just 5 weeks old, Zack left for work and never came home. His decision to go appeared meticulously planned. He had disappeared without trace. In a special, serialised version of The Untold, Grace Dent presents the story of a girlfriend turned sleuth, and her hunt for the truth. It's a search which takes her across the country. The police tell Kirsty that he's safe and well. She doesn't believe them. Her family try to warn her off the search. She ignores them. She hears news that he's working and has started a new life. She finds he has been gambling. She receives texts from him claiming he's lost his memory. Is he playing her, or does he need her help? Over the past three months The Untold has recorded with Kirsty and her family as they make unsettling discoveries about his disappearance, and find out the truth as to why he went. It's something that will test her love for him and her understanding of his mental illness. Producer: Georgia Catt.
02/22/2017HARDtalk’s Sarah Montague speaks to Tzipi Livni, the joint leader of the Zionist Union opposition in Israel's parliament and a former Foreign Minister. For decades many have assumed that the only way there will be peace in the Middle East is when the Palestinians have their own state. But President Trump has made it clear that America is no longer wedded to the idea, whilst Tzipi Livni has in the past stated her support for “two states for two peoples". Could one state where Jews, Muslims and Christians are all treated equally, have a greater chance of delivering peace?
02/21/2017On today’s pod we were updated by Meredith and Smasheton of RunningWorks about a major project they have to help the homeless community in Charlotte. Later Jarvis Holliday joined the pod to go over his article on the CIAA and help us pick the best parties to attend. We also learned some important history and Mark Gottfied was supported by Supportive Guy.
02/21/2017Cara Santana is beautiful, smart, and as real as they come! She's also one of Becca Tobin's besties, a successful Lady Boss, and about to become Mrs. Jesse Metcalfe! Cara drops plenty of wisdom on starting and running your own business, growing and nurturing a successful relationship, achieving your health & fitness goals, looking good in Hollywood, and what was really going on at Becca's wedding! She was there and she, Jac & Keltie offer up some behind-the-scenes dish on Becca's big day!
02/21/2017 This week, Kevin and Pete are joined by Lindsey Jessop, who is hard at work planning her Disney themed Wedding and Honeymoon. From an engagement themed to ABC's Once Upon a Time, to an upcoming wedding stock full of Hidden Mickeys and a honeymoon in Walt Disney World, this episode has all the magical romance you can ask for. Plus news on Flights of Wonder Taking over DAK, Pandora, Star Wars Land, and a new gondola transportation system.
02/21/2017A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.
02/21/2017This week, we delve into a story of constant criminal stupidity, followed by second chances, and even more criminal stupidity. He must have thought he could get away with anything, based on his behavior. Doing things like scamming people when they're at their lowest, sexual assault, naked knife wielding, and a whole lot of cocaine, to name a few. His tumultuous life goes from charity events, to county jail, and back again. We will give him one thing, he is never dull. Steal second base, take all of your clothes off, and threaten to cut someone's heart out with Otis Nixon!! Check us out, every Tuesday. We will continue to bring you the biggest idiots in sports history! Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman Go to for your first 3 weeks FREE!! With FREE shipping!! Contact us on... Email: Donate at... #crime #true #truecrime #sports #murder #kill #death #drugs #robbery #jail #prison #police #victim #cocaine #crack #canada #domesticviolence #assault #investigation #sexualassault #fraud #knife #cocaine #crack #pipe #baseball #worldseries #mlb #atlantabraves #atlanta #braves #cnn #tbs #newyork #yankees #minnesota #twins #cleveland #indians #toronto #bluejays #whitneyhouston #sugarrayleonard #tlc #tbn
02/21/2017We’re joined this week by Jason of From A Basement in Tulsa for some songs by an artist you’ve seen live. Tracks include: Shoreline by Daes Vail, Devil Without A Cause by Kid Rock, Evenflow by Pearl Jam, Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, Bad by U2, Nessun Dorma by Chris Botti, Slow Motion by PHOX, Good […]
02/21/2017Why Did I Get (Black) Married (Fly)starring relationship advice from Treblemaka and Candace DeNae of Black.Married.Fly podcast. Conversation Con Artists split the bill with relationship advice from the therapeutic perspective (Red and Mr. On Point), and the experience perspective(Treblemaka and Candace). Join us as we (ratchetly) seek to help you maintain a better relationship! Send us a listener letter @ Website: Twitter: @Red_Calamity @Mister_OnPoint @ConvoConArtists Facebook: Conversation Con Artists Help #ConTheConvo!