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03/25/2017We're discovering new species at an accelerating rate. The disposable cardboard glider or the living transport system? Not quite, they're something completely different.
03/23/2017 Smart electronic transmitters are revolutionising the way Department of Conservation rangers keep track of kakapo.
03/23/2017Our experts Jim Clemente and Laura Richards analyse and discuss a terrifying new case with Lisa Zambetti which spanned a 10 year period and in that time eight women were stalked and murdered in Baton Rouge by a serial killer. The team also answer your questions including what to do if you are grabbed and attacked. #HerNameWasAnn #HerNameWasKatherine #HerNameWasHardee #HerNameWasJoyce #HerNameWasMarilyn #HerNameWasLillian #HerNameWasJohnnieMae #HerNameWasDonna New to Real Crime Profile? Never miss an episode by subscribing today at Thank you to our sponsors: Blue Apron - Get 3 meals free on your first order when you visit them here: – Get a 30-day subscription and a free book when you sign up here: Helix – Get $50 off any mattress when you visit them here: Zip Recruiter – Get a free trial membership and find out how to hire smarter here:
03/23/2017 A look at those buried longbox treasures hard to find or even out of print - why exactly? - plus SuperTribble returns to argue for the relevance of Scott Summers and much more!
03/23/2017We know a ton is going on right now, but some Life Stuff made it so we had to hit the pause button on new full-length episodes of Says Who for the time being. In fact, this will be the last episode of any size from Says Who for a couple more weeks BUT DON'T DESPAIR SAYSWHOVIANS because in this Minicast we do the one thing that you all have been asking for more than anything else: We make that theme park favorite, Dole Whip! That's right, Dan steps into the Says Who Test Kitchen to whip up a batch of this tasty frozen treat. Plus, there's a special treat of a song by Neko Case for those that stay all the way through the end. Grab your blender and follow along folks, It's a special Says Who Minicast!
03/23/2017Rick Ross took shots at Birdman on his new album, fair or foul? Snoop "assassinate's" Trump, Gone too far? or Nah? DJ Clue will only battle Flex if the money is right...or so he says. Tune in for your weekly dose of hip hop. Use #emaradio to continue the conversation. Big Therm - @ema_therm J-Boss - I:@jboss3886 T:@ema_jboss Rozay - no social
03/23/2017 You have 1000 bottles of wine, but one is poisoned! With only ten... test subjects, how do you guarantee which bottle is poisoned?
03/23/2017How great are sweat pants? We go deep on ‘athleisure’ and multi-level marketing, plus cops having legal sex with prostitutes, abandoned dogs, I buy something from a weirdo stranger, new section of the site - (share it with a friend!), English Paul gets a girl’s number, having anxiety and passing it on to your kids, my new favorite band The Lemon Twigs and Dave Chapelle’s new special.
03/23/2017Comrades! The USSR pioneered the craft of science fiction long before the decadent West. This is not an opinion - this is a scientific fact. Noted intellectuals Anindita Banerjee, Sibelan Forrester, Asif Siddiqi, Gregory Afinogenov and the author's father Steven Molinsky discuss how the glorious Soviet people brought the Revolution to Mars, and used science fiction such as Aelita and Solaris to explore existential questions. Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live forever in outer space!
03/23/2017 Economists preach the gospel of "creative destruction," whereby new industries -- and jobs -- replace the old ones. But has creative destruction become too destructive?