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12/12/2017Reforest Fairfax; Snow and Ice; Slips, Trips and Falls; Fairfax County Risk Management Division.
03/26/2017 In this second of a series of three panel discussions about contemporary feminism, Megan Whelan talks with four women actively involved with the digital world: Anna Guenther, the co-founder of Pledge Me; and Leilani Tamu, the poet, historian and former diplomat. They are joined by Angela Meyer, the writer and co-founder of Ace Ladies Network and Double Denim; and Laura O'Connell Rapira, co-founder of RockEnrol and director of campaigns at ActionStation. Together, they explore the way in which digital spaces create new opportunities and encourage the development of new networks but are also rife with trolling, exclusion and exploitation. How should feminists of today respond? The series is recorded at Wellington's City Gallery in association with the major retrospective exhibition of works by the USA artist Cindy Sherman.
03/26/2017 In January, Uncut Magazine issued a list of the 101 Weirdest Albums of All Time. A connoisseur of the bizarre, William Dart considers this and adds in his own suggestions.
03/24/2017Thomas Romanoff, (iMotions Denmark) and Martin Brown (AFTRS, producer of Moulin Rouge) explain how eye-tracking, facial recognition, heart monitors and brain scans to truly tell how engaged TV and film audiences are.
03/23/2017 The University of Otago team behind the long-running Dunedin Study has won the 2016 Prime Minister's Science Prize.
03/23/2017On April 16, 2015, police officer Jesse Kidder encountered a murder suspect named Michael Wilcox in a suburb outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. What happened next was caught on video and surprised a lot of people, including police. And the incident tells us a lot about how these videos have changed us. Follow us on Twitter @nprembedded, follow Kelly McEvers @kellymcevers, and producer Tom Dreisbach @TomDreisbach. Email us at
03/23/2017 A sting operation finds several predatory journals offered to employ a fictional, unqualified academic as an editor. Plus, the Great Barrier Reef in hot water, and trying to explain 'time crystals'.
03/23/2017Enjoy listening to insights from The Wall Street Journal on global market news, the economy and personal finance. Your Money Matters podcast takes you from Wall Street to Main Street to your street.
03/23/2017Criminals Threaten to Erase Millions of iCloud Conntected Apple devices Siemens Control Systems Affected by Fake Firmware GitHub Used for C&C Adium IM Vulnerable to Older libpurple Issue