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03/24/2017Thomas Romanoff, (iMotions Denmark) and Martin Brown (AFTRS, producer of Moulin Rouge) explain how eye-tracking, facial recognition, heart monitors and brain scans to truly tell how engaged TV and film audiences are.
03/23/2017 A sting operation finds several predatory journals offered to employ a fictional, unqualified academic as an editor. Plus, the Great Barrier Reef in hot water, and trying to explain 'time crystals'.
03/23/2017Criminals Threaten to Erase Millions of iCloud Conntected Apple devices Siemens Control Systems Affected by Fake Firmware GitHub Used for C&C Adium IM Vulnerable to Older libpurple Issue
03/23/2017The commercial real estate market is massivemuch larger than the housing marketand our next guest, Gordon Long at Macro Analytics, thinks its in a bubble and ready to burst. If so, he argues, it will... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit
03/23/2017Stay informed on the latest trends with daily insights on what’s hot and happening in the world of technology. Listen to our reporters discuss notable company news, new tech gadgets, personal technology updates, app features, start-up highlights and more.
03/23/2017 For a guy who had such an enormous impact on American popular music, you might say that Wilson Pickett has been hiding in plain sight. One of the central figures in the development of soul music in the 1960's, Pickett was a hugely successful singer and songwriter, all through the 1960's and early 1970's. He was also known as "Wicked Pickett," and the name could at times be well, –deserved. In other words, he is perfect for a biographer, and now, finally, he has one. Tony Fletcher has published In the Midnight Hour: The Life & Soul of Wilson Pickett, and he joins us once again on SC.  
03/23/2017 This week we talk everything beast related, from giant gorillas to beastiality? Check out the show notes after the break! Show Notes Kids and Horror Movies Beauty and the Beast and Live Action Remakes – 10:00 Kong: Skull Island –  18:56 Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix – 22:08 Iron Fist and Whitewashing – 33:00 Social If Read More ... The post Ep 105 – Ultimate Beastmastering! appeared first on Apathetic Enthusiasm.
03/23/2017 Airbnb says it has a plan to succeed where so many other big names in tech have failed: China. On Wednesday, Airbnb announced that it is doubling investment in China and will triple its workforce there. Airbnb also says its goal is to double the number of listings it has in the country. Due to an ongoing controversy over YouTube accidentally showing ads on extremist content, AT&T, Verizon, and Enterprise rent-a-car have pulled all their advertising dollars from Google and YouTube, even after Google apologized and said they were fixing their system. President Donald Trump recently touted a NASA budget authorization as being "about jobs." Elon Musk says not so fast, recognizing that authorization bills don't give NASA new funding or create new jobs. Musk said: "This bill changes almost nothing about what NASA is doing. Existing programs stay in place and there is no added funding for Mars." Musk sits on a tech advisory council to the President and his company SpaceX has received more than $3 billion in funding from NASA in the past. We'll also talk about how Instagram will soon let you book reservations from their app, and how you can deal with left Joycon desync issues. Plus Liza Mundy from The Atlantic explains why Silicon Valley is so awful to women and what we can do about it. Hosts: Megan Morrone and Nathan Olivarez-Giles Guest: Liza Mundy Download or subscribe to this show at Thanks to CacheFly for the bandwidth for this show.
03/23/2017 Gordo covers mobile HF antennas, Bob lists parts for his Pine Board power supply project, George explains how to us EchoLink, Don has the top news of the week, Dr. T covers the solar update, and Val brings on Tim Duffy to talk all about Contest University 2017! Hosts: Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, and Amanda Alden We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes at Submit your own video to Ham Nation at Thanks to Joe Walsh who wrote and plays the Ham Nation theme. Check out Ham Nation on Facebook and Twitter! Download or subscribe to Ham Nation at Thanks to CacheFly for the bandwidth for this show.