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The Clipmaker

Have you ever tried to describe a favorite podcast episode to a friend only to realize it’s more of a “guess you had to be there” situation? Ever wanted to share a zinger of a clip, but feel silly sending a podcast link and timecode? We’re right there with you.

The clipmaker makes it easy for anyone to select a favorite podcast moment and share it on social media as a short auto-playing video. The clipmaker works with Twitter for now, but we'll add other platforms soon! Our goal is for the clipmaker to be usable by anyone and embeddable anywhere on the web. The clipmaker will function for any of the 10,000s of podcasts indexed (and ultimately transcribed) by Our database is growing every day.

You'll find the clipmaker embedded on many, but not all, episode pages. It looks like this:

To use the clipmaker, seek to the part you want to share, click the scissors + Twitter bird, and away you go. Here are the shows currently available for clipping:

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