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We explore how easy it is to turn a jumble of characters into something useful. Jordan tells stories and interprets the nerdiness of Scott.
For some light relief from global politics, try this paranoid view from the underside of the World Wide Web. In each 15- to 20-minute episode of Hacked, Jordan Bloemen probes his friend and computer security expert Scott Francis Winder about our eminently hackable world, and all the big and little ways we expose ourselves online. Whether the subject is rogue USBs, the perils of open wi-fi, or our crappy passwords, there is a thrill of complicity in the act of listening; we feel ourselves to have been inducted in the secrets of a creepy little club. The appeal of this premise is so evident, in fact, that the show has been optioned for television. Episodes are released with cruel indifference to any schedule, so binge the seven available episodes now, and don't hold your breath for the next one.
Recommended by The Audit on January 12, 2017