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Guy Raz
about 2 hours
Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz are joined by author Michael Malice to discuss everything going on in North Korea, and Charlamange The God talk about his new book “#Blackprivilege Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It" Which is available now! Order your copy here http://cthabook.com
MyIdiotsAmericaYo YoCharlamagne Tha GodSeoulNorth KoreaRTAMAKoreaKim Jong UNMilChinaYesGuy RazLifeIRSAirCatRepublicanChris FergusonYeahLoveFuckingKoreanEMSSouth KoreaJewishParkCrazyNiceBitEarlKim Il SungSaudiConservativeRussiaPaul RyanYorkTrollsTrustNobodyNazisNew YorkLiberalsCopsKim Jong IlYellJapanTrayvon MartinKorean WarIowaProgressiveBarnesDonald TrumpSyriaAsiaSuperIndiaJim CarreyWorld War TwoChris MorrowClevelandIsisLos AngelesCubaAsianJordanIraqisGeorgiaSouth CarolinaEarthHDNBAPhiladelphiaHolyFairSteve RoachSeth RoganWhite HouseAtlantaFloridaBon AppetitNerdVillagePat BuchananMojoLisa LingGulFoxHarriet TubmanAdamPyongyangCharlestonWesternTalibanDemocratsPorscheMicrosoftAmerican IdolMrCharlie SheenMarco RubioDennis RodmanDavid ColeIvo DaalderPearl HarborTalk TalkRand PaulSecurity CouncilExcelBrigadoonHolocaustAsherOrthodoxAshesLaugh-InTimes SquareGermanFox NewsSearsPearl JamNYPDBen ShapiroWhite House Press SecretaryLegoDublinMuppetVice PresidentDanesAl QaedaChinese DragonShivaGeneral MotorsLonesomeIslandShonda RhimesBeachJeb BushFlamesPresident ClintonDragonball ZMooseEpsonBulletsDoggieYugoMLBGood Day New YorkMitch McConnellTestamentHeartbeatNAACPMonsterCarly FiorinaJesus ChristNRARamadanNashiTitiansCanadaTurkeyUtahMongoliaDamascusBaghdadMiddle EastSydneyOhioColumbiaGreat RiverNevadaNew York CityWakhanLanhamChilesVirginiaIcelandNorth CarolinaBelgiumAudleyJamaicaBrazilLibyaBrooklynToday ShowSnitchImusRecordsKarelianMowOpheliaCharlotteJim CrowCredit SuisseJohn McCainBlutoJon StewartGirlyHoly ShitPresident KabilaLexusDearNewsweekGeorgia TechIsaiahHoffaChris RockChris O'dowd
44 minutes
What makes Alice Waters the most punk rock person in food? We’ve got Ken Friedman here to explain. He and Chef April Bloomfield, his business partner, are responsible for some of the hottest spots around, including New York’s The Spotted Pig, the Breslin Bar & Dining Room, The John Dory Oyster Bar, Salvation Taco, and White Gold, as wella s San Francisco’s Tosca. Ken wasn’t always a restaurateur. A Los Angeles native, he attended UC Berkeley and got caught up in the music scene. He went on to work with the legendary Bill Graham and even managed The Smiths at the end of their short but epic career. Tune in to hear all about the connection between restaurants and rock ‘n’ roll.
about 1 hour
Casey and Danielle go as guestless as Eileen went braless at Carnie Wilson's dessert party. Casey discusses her fathers overly caffeinated emails, Danielle likens the Oscar mishap to the end of World War 2 and the girls reenact the now famous scene between Kandi and Porshia. Toodles, Bitch! This episode is brought to you by Lyft (www.lyft.com/housewives) and Kapulet.
10 minutes
Martin Schulz, the new face of Germany's Social Democratic Party, has surged in the polls to become a surprise challenger to chancellor Angela Merkel in September's elections. Gideon Rachman discusses what this could mean for Germany with the FT's Stefan Wagstyl and Guy Chazan in Berlin.
31 minutes
In a special edition live from Monocle HQ, Grace Dent, Nicholas Lander, Martin Morales and Jonathan Downey discuss what needs fixing in the capital’s restaurants – and what they can teach the rest of the world. Join us at Midori House in London on Friday 24 February for a special live recording of The Menu. For details and to book tickets visit https://monocle.com/events/the-menu-live/.