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34 minutes
Randy Glein is a Co-Founder & Partner @ DFJ Growth where he looks to partner with entrepreneurs that have achieved market validation and are looking to scale rapidly. Randy's investments include the likes of Twitter, Tumblr, SpaceX and Tesla just to name a few. Prior to DFJ, Randy was CFO @ Feedburner (acq by Google), a business development executive at DIRECTV. Randy was also named to the Forbes Midas List in 2013, 2014, and 2015 as one of the world's top tech investors and to the New York Times / CB Insights list of top 100 venture capital investors in 2016. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Randy made his way into VC and came to found DFJ growth? 2.) What does it mean to be a diligent and disciplined investor? How can a futuristic mindset be balanced with an analytical and academic approach to evaluation and due diligence? 3.) How does Randy evaluate invest time horizons? How important is it to push for liquidity events as soon as possible? What is it that LPs really want to see? 4.) How have we seen public market expectations of tech companies change over the last 10 years? What are public market investors willing to give up in exchange for predictability? What are the benefits of tech companies staying private longer? 5.) What are the metrics that suggest a company with market validation and ready to scale into hyper-growth? What are the required levels of revenue and ARR? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Randy’s Fave Book: Being Digital Randy's Fave Blog: Brad Feld, Fred Wilson Randy’s Most Recent Investment: Unity 3D As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC and Randy on Twitter here! Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC. Intercom is the first to bring messaging products for marketing and customer support together on one integrated platform. With Intercom, businesses can chat directly with prospective customers on their website, engage current users with targeted messages based on their behavior, and provide personal support at scale with an integrated help desk and knowledge base. This is perfect for Businesses that want to help people visiting their website become customers. Marketing and growth teams that want to onboard and retain users by sending the right messages at the right time and Support teams that want to move beyond email to provide personalized, scalable support so simply head over to Cooley are the global law firm built around startups and venture capital.  Since forming the first venture fund in Silicon Valley, Cooley has formed more venture capital funds than any other law firm in the world, with 50+ years working with VCs. They help VCs form and manage funds, make investments and handle the myriad issues that arise through a fund’s lifetime. So to learn more about the #1 most active law firm representing VC-backed companies going public. Head over to and also at  
33 minutes
In our conversation with Aaron Gagleard and Stephen Walden, the co-founders of Bosse Tools, we discuss where they got their idea, what Arizona State University is doing to support their start-up, and the significant roles mentors have played in their success. Bosse Tools The Ergonomics behind the Bosse Tools Shovel Arizona State University's Entrepreneurship Program Stephen and Aaron's Bios
19 minutes
In our conversation with Divya Nag, voted “30 Under 30 in Science & Healthcare” by Forbes, she explains how she deals with set-backs, what compelled her to start Stem Cell Theranostics and StartX Med, and why mentors are so important. Stem Cell Theranostics StartX Med Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Program
32 minutes
In our conversation with Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl and Head of Media Entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada, Reno, we talk Silicon Valley, how to live (and learn) entrepreneurship, and the future of journalism. Mignon Fogarty’s Bio The Grammar Girl Podcast The Reynolds School, University of Nevada, Reno Other Resources Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers List of Colleges with Majors in Entrepreneurship or Small Business (Saint Louis University) National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship
26 minutes
Geoff Woods is the host of The Mentee, a podcast documenting his journey from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship. After hearing a Jim Rohn quote about being the average of the five people you spend the most time with, he decided to transform his life and surround himself with the right people. Today some of the biggest names in business are mentoring him on his journey. Geoff is on a mission to help other budding entrepreneurs to land heavy hitting mentors as well.
42 minutes
shares the story of how him and his co-founder — Paul Osetinsky — both quit their jobs at the same time to start working on what would become Treatings. Without market validation, but a strong desire to build something they themselves would use; they proceeded to bootstrap their way to an MVP.
40 minutes
Gabriel Weinberg, Founder of search engine site DuckDuckGo and author of the book, "Traction" - How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Growth.
9 minutes
"The Women's Academy" is an event which is being held in Dublin next Friday which is pitched at women who are either already in business & are looking to network with some of thier peers. Richard is joined by two of the people involved in the event, Sarita Johnstone of Female Entrepreneurship & Bernice Moran, founder of Be Sweet Company.
43 minutes
Entrepreneur Jay Kaplan, co-founder and CEO of Synack, describes how the idea of creating a cybersecurity service for enterprise businesses by crowdsourcing hackers went from sounding like a long shot to launching as a venture capital-backed startup. Kaplan, previously a senior analyst at the National Security Administration, talks about the virtues of government work and the nuances of “white hat” hacking.