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We have an announcement to make about the next season of Pitch!
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Bonus Track! This week we talk about the Pitch intro that runs at the start of every episode. For more Pitch, visit us online at http://pitchpodcast.org, or you can find us on Twitter @hearpitch.
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Whitney is still on his honeymoon, so we have another Bonus Track this week. Switched on Pop is a podcast from songwriter Charlie Harding and musicologist Nate Sloan that decodes the meaning in pop music. This is one of our favorite episodes, where Charlie and Nate try to figure out if Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You" is the worthy sequel to the greatest pop song of our generation ("Call Me Maybe"), or if it's just a pale imitation of a possible one hit wonder.
5 minutes
Bonus Track! A personal essay from Whitney about being a guy named Whitney growing up during the pop reign of Whitney Houston.
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In this Bonus Track from Take A Little Ride With Coors Light, Andrew Hampp explains why brands would want to use product placement in song lyrics.
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Brands pop up all over song lyrics, and they're mostly just included by artists to create a more realistic world in their tunes. But corporations are exerting their influence on song lyrics by working with artists. How much does it compromise the music we listen to?
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Bonus Track! One additional clip from Ellen's interview with singer Talia Billig. She talks about losing her voice and learning to work with her new voice. For more visit us online at pitchpodcast.org
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Mish Way is the front-woman of the band White Lung. More screamer than singer, her voice is aggressive, and powerful. But she has also struggled with vocal injury. In this episode we talk with Mish about the intersection of vocal health and vocal identity and how a punk singer recovers when she loses her voice. For more, visit www.pitchpodcast.org.
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Bonus Track! One more clip from my interview with Kill Rock Stars' Portia Sabin. She talks about how she came to run the label. To get all of the past Pitch episodes you can go to itunes.com/pitch, or visit us online at pitchpodcast.org