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The Growth Show

The Growth Show is a business podcast for leaders consumed with driving growth -- growing a company, growing a movement, growing an idea, growing a team. Each week, one of our hosts -- HubSpot's CMO Kipp Bodnar or VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson -- sits down with someone who has achieved remarkable growth and unpack how they did it. Get exclusive updates on the podcast, a sneak peek at upcoming guests and more at, and if you're listening on iTunes, please make sure to subscribe.


03/21/2017 Many ecommerce companies face the same two problems: the cost of keeping inventory, and the money they have to swallow when a customer returns an item. Shan-Lyn Ma, the CEO and co-founder of Zola, has dodged both of those problems. Zola is an update on the wedding registry. In today’s episode, Shan-Lyn tells us about what she learned from her time working at the shopping website Gilt, her view on the future of ecommerce, and why it’s a really good thing if a customer gets emotional when you’re doing user research.
03/14/2017 Julie Zhuo was Facebook’s first intern back in 2006. Today, more than a decade later, she’s their VP of Product Design. You can thank her for the newsfeed, “Reactions”, and a lot more. On today’s episode, Julie tells us how she got to where she is today -- despite having no formal background in design -- why her goal is for her team’s work to be “invisible”, and why changes to your product (even changes that make it better) are still incredibly hard to get users to like.
03/07/2017 The process of buying and selling used furniture is painful. It’s hard to know what you’re getting and who you’re getting it from. Or how you’re actually going to move it. Reham Fagiri started AptDeco to solve that problem. The company has morphed from a scrappy team poaching furniture sales from Craigslist to operating an end-to-end buying, selling and delivery service. In this episode, she talks about how she got AptDeco off the ground, how she deals with the sometimes “explosive” problems she faces, and how she avoids analysis paralysis when planning for what’s next.
02/28/2017 A few short months after Sara Mauskopf launched her first company, her husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. With an infant at home and investors looking for results, Sara had to find a new definition of what “normal” looked like, in both her personal and professional life. In this episode, Sara talks about how she started her company while supporting her husband through his illness, why having a co-founder is so important for stability, and what companies get wrong when they try to create products for parents.
02/21/2017 Just 10 weeks into her maternity leave, Vera Fischer was laid off after her company went through a major reorg. Now, 13 years later, she shares how she launched her successful all-in-one advertising and marketing agency, 97 Degrees West. This episode includes Heliotrope and Shift of Currents by Blue Dot Sessions, licensed under a Creative Commons license.
02/14/2017 Happy Valentine’s Day!   This holiday has everything to do with relationships. And there’s one type of relationship that we talk about a lot on this show: the relationship between co-founders. In the spirit of the day, we’re bringing back one of our favorite episodes with the co-founders of Gimlet Media.   Alex and Matt tell us why they decided to document their entire experience starting Gimlet in a podcast called StartUp, how they got away with “sucking” at marketing, and how they got listeners to love (like, really love) their ads.
02/07/2017 In 1949, Andreas Weigend’s father was imprisoned in East Germany by Soviet occupying forces who thought he was an American spy. A decade later, when Andreas tried to find the Stasi file on his father, he instead found one about himself. Instead of transforming Andreas into a privacy advocate, it set him on a course to completely rethink data sharing. Since then, he’s contracted with dozens of companies and acted as Amazon’s Chief Data Scientist. In his new book “Data For the People: How to Make Our Post-Privacy Economy Work for You,” he works to help people understand how they can use their personal data to their benefit.
01/31/2017 Doug Landis has a unique point of view in the sales and marketing world in that he’s seen both side of the relationship. Before he stepped into his current role as the Chief Storyteller at the file-sharing company Box, he was a Senior Director of Sales at Salesforce.   In our last episode from INBOUND 2016, Doug explains why having a story to tell your customers is important, why there’s so often a divide between sales and marketing teams, and why it’s important to let out your inner “weekend self” sometimes.   This episode features the song “Beats - Here I come” by SK, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
01/24/2017 It was 2005. Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos borrowed a camera, rented a car, and set out to cover a murder trial in the small town of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. They didn’t realize they were embarking in a decade-long journey to create the eventual Netflix hit series ‘Making a Murderer.’   This week, in our third episode from INBOUND 2016, Moira and Laura give us a behind-the-scenes look into their process. They explain how they identified the breadth of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s story early on, how they turned their obstacles into advantages, and how the popularity of the series could change how they’re making the second season.   This episode features the song “Let's get it” by J-K, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
01/17/2017 Sarah Cooper was sitting in a meeting one day. One of her coworkers spent part of the meeting drawing a Venn Diagram and explaining it, and that’s when Sarah realized something: It was all BS. Years later, it became part of the article that made her satirical blog -- The Cooper Review -- famous.   Today, Sarah is a full-time comedian. This week, in our second episode from INBOUND 2016, Sarah tells us how she makes typical life hysterical, how she gets the type of feedback she needs, and what companies often get wrong when they try to create content for regular people. This episode features the song “Sorriso (Parvo)” by J-K, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.