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Broadcast from the Ministry of Mindwaves in the Kingdom of Pod… this is Comcastro. Hosted by Maximus Groves and co-hosted by Matthew Queen and Evan Fowler, the Comcastro podcast gets the full picture from our culture's thought leaders while cutting through the barriers that shape and prevent communication. Artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, startup founders, chefs, politicians, technologists, top podcasts, and more. Executive Producer: Demi Pietchell Newell.

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39 minutes
Today we talk with fantasy fiction author, army medic, and gaming enthusiast Wiliam Galaini. I met with Wiliam at the world famous DragonCon here in Atlanta where we discussed his motivations for writing, the transformative power of role play, his time in the army, and the spectacle that is DragonCon. Check out William's latest book "Trampling in the Land of Woe" on Amazon and learn more at williamgalaini.com.
about 1 hour
Florida Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Augustus Invictus talks with us about his platform, his political aspirations, and his openness and transparency about his religious beliefs.