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02/18/2017Across the country, thousands of public schools are within 500 feet of pollution-choked roads like highways and truck routes. Next time on Reveal, we investigate the high levels of exhaust surrounding U.S. schools and how the bad air is affecting the millions of children who are breathing it in. Head over to for more … Continue reading School haze
02/16/2017John Williams Jr.’s life changed irrevocably in 2014 when he was in a horrific crane accident while working at a VT Halter shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Williams, an experienced crane operator, lost part of his skull, his vision and his independence. He suffered severe brain damage that left him with the mental capacity of a child. Wanda, his wife of almost … Continue reading In Sickness and in Health
02/04/2017In 1988, two powerful explosions shook Kansas City, Missouri, killing six firefighters. Nine years later, five people were convicted of arson and sent to prison for life – but were they innocent? Reveal investigates problems in the case and whether federal agents pressured witnesses to lie. This month, one of the defendants will make his … Continue reading Trial by fire
01/28/2017At a time when Donald Trump is assuming leadership of a divided nation, Reveal heads to Jacksonville, Florida, one of the most divided cities in America. We look at policing, immigration, education and other issues through the eyes of people with very different perspectives and find out that residents here are not on the same … Continue reading Split down the middle
01/07/2017You got that new computer or phone you wanted for the holidays – but what happens to your old gadgets? They might not end up where you expect. Next time on Reveal, environmentalists follow the global trail of America’s electronic castoffs. Help us hold the powerful accountable and speak for the most vulnerable. Please go … Continue reading America’s digital dumping ground
12/31/2016This year on Reveal, we’ve dug into issues that affect people’s lives across the country. We told stories about worker abuse, toxic schools, women’s sports and private prisons. So we decided to round out this season with something different: This hour, we look back at stories you, our listeners, told us were the most memorable. … Continue reading The year in Reveal
12/17/2016On this episode of Reveal, we explore the backstory of Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Plus, just in time for the holidays, we take a look at some real travel nightmares and the airlines that cause them.
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12/10/2016For the past two years, Reveal reporter Trey Bundy has been uncovering how the Jehovah’s Witnesses hide sexual abuse in their congregations – in fact, it’s official policy. The religion’s leaders have been going to extreme lengths to keep the details from public view. On the next Reveal, we track down people who know the … Continue reading Secrets of the Watchtower