Tools and apps that use the API

From smart playlists to voice-activated discovery, these apps are changing how we uncover, listen to, and share podcasts.


RadioPublic’s playlists blend human curation with machine discovery

RadioPublic’s playlists are generated around themes -- their creators start building them based on episodes or shows they’ve heard and loved, and then use those as a jumping off point to uncover new and related content using helps RadioPublic create a more dynamic, surprising, experimental -- and ultimately satisfying -- listening experience.

“ is a great tool to improve the efficiency and speed with which we create playlists. It’s helping us experiment and prototype new ways of creating a dynamic listening experience.”
Matt McDonald
Otto Radio

Otto uses full-text search to surface hard-to-discover content

Otto’s goal is to transform the time listeners spend on everyday tasks like driving, cooking and exercising into opportunities to learn, be entertained and stay informed about the things they care about most. They use the API to power deep search and surface the long tail of audio content — so listeners are constantly delighted by what they hear.

“Most technologies can’t meet our scalability requirement or handle our time-sensitive requests efficiently.’s custom tools and features built around the podcast vertical immediately impressed us, and convinced us that they were the right partner on our mission to organize and curate spoken word audio, and make the otherwise hard-to-discover content accessible for the masses."
Yu Wang, PhD
CTO, Otto Radio
Magic Podcast

Magic Podcast helps Alexa play exactly what you want to hear

The Alexa skill Magic Podcast uses the API to find and play podcasts based on title or subject matter. This means you can simply say, “Play Fresh Air” — or whatever your podcast of choice is — and the newest episode of that podcast will begin. Even cooler, Magic Podcast can also be used as a discovery tool. Discover podcasts by subject area by asking Alexa to “Find a podcast about food,” or “Find a podcast about business.” Magic, indeed.

“ is my choice because it is the only API that consistently supports HTTPS streaming and has a diverse library of podcasts. It worked so well that I created an Alexa skill.”
Erik McBeth
Magic Podcast developer

Pastime simplifies how we find and listen to podcasts

Pastime wants to simplify both podcast discovery and the listener experience. Using a simple interface and the API, Pastime connects listeners to content through playlists that reflect the tastes and quirks of their curators.

“My mission is to to make it dead simple for podcast newcomers to find, listen, and share great episodes.'s API provided an outstanding foundation for me by offering basic discovery features -- like a podcast directory, and searchable episodes -- as well as tastemaker episode recommendations. Because I didn't have to roll all of these backend discovery features myself I could really focus on providing a quality user-experience.”
Andrew Roper
Pastime developer

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