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07/16/2017This is the 33rd episode! Today Josiah has special cohost Jake Carroll in the house and we talk about his problem with driving under the influence of electronics. They discuss Washington's new strict driving laws before reading a few letters from the bag of mail. Feel free to email with any of your inquiries or concerns or rants. Josiah and Jake then talk Missed Connections. Of course, the news of the day follows. Josiah discusses Walmart's microaggressions towards the indigenous peoples of Canada. After the break Josiah and Jake discuss the results of a catfishing session of local men on various dating platforms. Josiah hates cities filled with human poop and Seattle is one of those cities. For the hardcore fanatics: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Or visit my website at  
@freezy155 @jcrookshanks_ If you fast forward to the 37:25 minute mark of this 33rd episode you'll hear it. -Thots4UrThots
07/03/2017 Digital marketing as you know it is about to change. Early next year, Google will roll out an ad blocker through Chrome and that has a lot of marketers wondering how this will impact their retargeting campaigns. Ryan Deiss, Founder and CEO of DigitalMarkter, joins the experts to discuss what the new ad blocker means for marketers, how you should react, and how you should prepare. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: Who the Google ad blocker will have a big impact on and who it won’t affect (« and what this means for your campaigns). What the ad blocker likely means for future digital marketing trends and strategies (« and how you should prepare). Why the experts aren’t panicking about the ad blocker and why you shouldn’t be either. Press and hold link to visit the page Show Page Notes Thanks so much for joining us this week. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave us a review on iTunes!
If your main source of revenue is digital ads, then this is a must listen episode for you. -Ojavila12
07/19/2017 In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris and Scott Adams debate the character and competence of President Trump. You can support the Waking Up podcast at
@sarahkendzior - Sarah, I would be curious to hear your take on this debate between Sam Harris and Scott Adams? -FeelenBlue
07/20/2017 Dan has a free-flowing discussion with Cole Cubelic from SEC Network about the nuts and bolts of offensive and defensive line play, from coaching and evaluation to trends and much more. Plus, some quick pizza chatter for the record and a primer for what's going with next week's shows. 
This was tremendous @colecubelic @DanRubenstein @SolidVerbal -BraggBobby
07/20/2017UC Berkeley tries to ban me, President Trump speaks out about health care, and it’s time to pray for John McCain.
Ben Shapiro once again showing that he's deep-down, a never-Trumper. Listen: @benshapiro @realDonaldTrump -MediaWatchUS1
07/15/2017 We’re in the midst of digital content overload as we have more channels and types of content to consume than ever before.  I’m asked almost weekly by brands and entrepreneurs which should they create, a video blog or podcast. This question is an interesting one as I’ve been a podcast host for 4 years and currently host two podcasts while also being an evangelist for live video creating over 1800 live streams in the last 2 years.  You could say I’m stuck in the middle as the recording of this podcast is also live streamed on Facebook Live and Periscope before being stripped from the video and uploaded as a podcast. To answer this question I took to the app Anchor.FM which recently added a new feature allowing it’s users to upload episodes they create on Anchor to a podcast available in Apple Podcasts and Google Play with the push of one button.  This feature is exciting as creating podcasts has always been a painful process especially for those that aren’t technology savvy.     Beyond being able to push one button and upload a podcast, the idea of including listeners soundbites, what Anchor calls “Call-ins”, makes Anchor the best option for creating what I call participatory content.  Why is this important?  You’ll have to listen to this episode to find out. Questions answered during this show: Vlog Video Blog vs Podcasting? Why do I live stream the recording of my podcast on Facebook Live & Periscope? How to measure success of a vlog vs podcast? What is Anchor.FM and what value does it provide? What is the future of content marketing for brands and entrepreneurs? Follow Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz on Anchor at www.Anchor.FM/iSocialFanz Listen to the Anchor clips played in this episode here: Special Anchor Call-In included from Avie Uniglicht, Follow him on Twitter & Anchor FOMOfanz Sponsors: FREE Small Business Dashboard 9 Spokes: 9 Spokes You can signup for FREE and check out their small business smart dashboard by simply going to Watch my 2 minute video introduction to the tool and how you sign up here: Links for the show & the Host: As always you can listen to the show on any of the podcast apps and make sure to follow the host Brian Fanzo better known as@iSocialFanz on both Facebook Live & Periscope so you can watch the shows LIVE each week. Brian Fanzo Speaker Site: iSocialFanz on Social Media: Snapchat: iSocialFanz Instagram: iSocialFanz Facebook: iSocialFanz Twitter: @iSocialFanz Periscope: www.Periscope.TV/iSocialFanz --- F.O.M.O. = Fear Of Missing Out FOMO Fanz Show Information: www.FOMOfanz.Live Brian Fanzo @iSocailFanz - Sponsor requests email: Hire Brian Fanzo - Millennial Keynote Speaker and Event Host: If you’re interested in having me speak at your event or create a workshop for your company please email me at and make sure to visit to check out my latest keynotes and calendar of events I’m attending in 2017.
Great podcast about collaboration via participatory content. Thx @FOMO!! -jenbgardner
07/19/2017 This doctor says she committed a fatal mistake with a patient, leading her to a disturbing diagnosis: the medical field pushes for professional burnout. She unveils a powerful perspective on how doctors must deepen their self-awareness.
Anonymous Ted talks. Career burnout. -mar0364
07/23/2017 What happens if you achieve all of your goals and are still unsatisfied? What do you do with the feeling of not being enough? Akosua D. Edwards shares her journey into self-love through positivity and gratitude. Also, how you can both acknowledge the shit in your life WHILE trying to change it. We also discuss how the focus on gratitude made Akosua more present and looking to increase the things in her life that were bringing about feelings of gratitude. She also shares how setting boundaries is an act of self-love in addition to self-care. She shares how letting go of things that are making you unhappy and sitting in the discomfort/uncertainty creates space for the things that you do want in your life. Finally, we discuss how to create communities of care that allow people to grow in this way.
Here is this week's episode of @SelfCareSundays on : -AditiJuneja3
07/17/2017Many people dream of owning a beautiful property in an exotic location for vacation, second home, or retirement. But why wait? Imagine finding a market and property you'd love to live in someday and visit in the meantime ... that pays you to own it! That's what lifestyle investing is ... and it's one of our favorite ways to build wealth ... financial and experiential ... through real estate. In this episode, we visit with an American ex-pat who found his paradise ... where he now lives, invests, and works ... helping other people discover their paradise too. So tune in and discover how you can find your paradise market and property for both fun and profit! The Real Estate Guys™ radio show provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed. Subscribe to our free newsletter at Please rate us on iTunes and Like us on Facebook. Thanks!
Interview about Belize I did with The Real Estate Guys Radio Show last week. Check it out. #investinbelize -theparadiseguy
07/06/2017 Trump holds a press conference in Warsaw in advance of the G20 conference, where he'll meet face-to-face with Vladimir Putin and talk to the leaders of Japan and South Korea about the nuclear crisis in North Korea. Then Jon and Dan talk to former Attorney General Eric Holder about his redistricting efforts, and Ana Marie Cox joins to discuss CNN vs. Trump.
Check out @crookedmedia podcasts! @PodSaveAmerica talks about this in this episode: -jhiscock
07/22/2017 This week on the “Podcast of the Immoral’s,” we discuss the week in wrestling, preview WWE Battleground and talk some G1. 
"He comes out looking like the Fonz, if the Fonz was gay and Irish." @SuplexCityLimit @theFUDeration -BobbyAnthem
07/19/2017 This doctor says she committed a fatal mistake with a patient, leading her to a disturbing diagnosis: the medical field pushes for professional burnout. She unveils a powerful perspective on how doctors must deepen their self-awareness.
Physician burnout "That cynical, detached person, is a terrible Dr. That Dr kills people" @IUIRad @IURadiology @RSNA -IUIRad
07/21/2017NPR reporter Camila Domonoske and NPR editor Barrie Hardymon join Sam to talk through the week that was: Elon Musk, the President's New York Times interview, intern season, private student loan debt, HBO's new series set in a fictional America where slavery exists, the rebirth of the Thong Song, plus a call to a listener in Oregon and the best things that happened to listeners all week. Email the show at and follow Sam on Twitter @samsanders.
My new fav folks! #itsbeenaminute #podcasting #podcast -margiths
07/21/2017We spend the better part of this episode discussing the career of The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon.
@foofighters fans we discuss the new @ChrisShiflett71 album on this week's podcast about @thebrianfallon -DigitalKilled
07/23/2017I recap the 3-0 win over Harrisburg City last night and what comes out of this win.
Our recap of 3-0 over Harrisburg City and what it means for the team coming up! -StudsUpSoccerFC