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09/16/2017 Whenever you have a deadline, somehow you're able to stagger towards it and get the job done. But other tasks never seem to move forward. You fall behind on your reading, your fun projects, even that movie you'd promised yourself. In life we need to complete projects that are urgent, but also projects that are good for the soul. How do we get these projects going and how can we sustain them over the long term? Let's find out in this episode.
: How To Complete Long-Term Projects Without Overwhelm #iTunes -seandsouza
09/21/2017 When A-Lister's such as Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige need a game changing look, celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble swoops in with bundles of color and creativity that goes from the stage to screen. Minutes before her flight back to Los Angeles -- where Kimble films her hit reality show, WeTV's L.A. Hair -- she shared why working on Beyoncé's Lemonade was a dream, how she made it from Chicago to Hollywood and that she never leaves home without a bottle of blessed oil for folk's edges. Amen. 
W/Kim Kimble Admire Her Hustle -EjHere2
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New Episode 37: Army recap & more #Buckeyes #OhioState -BSZsports
09/20/2017 On the first episode of his new podcast, Bakari Sellers sits down to discuss "What Happened" with Hillary Clinton. 
Support my brother in law the dynamic @Bakari_Sellers. He is an exceptional father, politician, and now journalist! -notcrowded
09/18/2017As the Democratic Party increasingly embraces single payer healthcare and Clinton weighs in on her primary race against Sanders, the team discusses where the party is headed.
"What does this have to do with what we're talking about?" @ClareMalone to @NateSilver538 -MattHersha
09/14/2017We've heard a lot of rhetoric lately suggesting that countries like the US are losing valuable manufacturing jobs to lower-cost markets like China, Mexico and Vietnam -- and that protectionism is the best way forward. But those jobs haven't disappeared for the reasons you may think, says border and logistics specialist Augie Picado. He gives us a reality check about what global trade really looks like and how shared protection and open borders help us make higher quality products at lower costs.
The Real Reason Manufacturing jobs are disappearing. -RodneyTEK1
12/14/2016Ta-Nehisi Coates is an author at the Atlantic. His book, Between the World and Me, won the National Book Award, and was spoofed on SNL. He's writing the (awesome) Black Panther series for Marvel. He's a certified MacArthur Genius. And he just released a blockbuster story based on hours of interviews with President Obama about the role race played in Obama's upbringing, his presidency, and the 2016 campaign. Coates is also one of my favorite people to talk to, and I think this conversation shows why. The first half of our conversation is political: it's about Coates's conversations with Obama, his impressions of the president, his perspective on American politics, the way his atheism informs his worldview, why he thinks a tragic outlook is important for finding the truth but — at least for nonwhite politicians — a hindrance for winning political power.  The second half is much more personal: it's about his frustrations as a writer, his discomfort with the way "Between the World and Me" was adopted by white audiences, how he learns, his surprising advice for young writers, his belief that personal stability enables professional wildness, his past as a blogger, his desire to return to school, his favorite books.  I loved this interview. I think you will, too.
I've listened to this podcast w/ @tanehisicoates like 4 times; y'all should/need to give it a listen when ya can: -sylviadjp
09/14/2017Babelito and FavyFav dedicate an entire episode to their listeners. That's right!!! It's another listener letter episode! As LWL grows, so does the awesome community around them. This episode is dedicated to all of our listeners who opened up and share all of their amazing stories! We also answer some important questions like, what does guara gurara la cuchara mean? Is grad school for you? Is Starbucks playing Mexicans with cinnamon drinks? Stay tuned to see if we read your email and keep those letters coming!!!!
FANTASTIC EPISODE @latinoswholunch -RachelLaLoca
09/15/2017 In the debut episode, Undisputed’s Joy Taylor gives her NFL Game of the Week and breaks down the NFL Loser Power Rankings. Then in Internet Stories, Joy and Brandon discuss Ted Cruz’s use of Twitter and the new iPhone X. Finally, Odell Beckham Jr.'s dance off, Kobe Bryant's retirement, Baker Mayfield and Charles Oakley headline the show.
Shout out to my friend @NewmanShow99 for launching a new podcast with @JoyTaylorTalks check it out! -TweetHumes
03/17/2017We join Ben Montgomery, a reporter at the Tampa Bay Times, as he looks at every person killed or injured by Florida police over six years. 
Yes I'm that (insert insult) that shares podcasts on twitter but this forever opened my eyes on policing. -BulMedina
08/31/2017What's stopping the American government from recording your phone calls, reading your emails and monitoring your location? Very little, says surveillance and cybersecurity counsel Jennifer Granick. The government collects all kinds of information about you easily, cheaply and without a warrant -- and if you've ever participated in a protest or attended a gun show, you're likely a person of interest. Learn more about your rights, your risks and how to protect yourself in the golden age of surveillance.
What's stopping the American government from recording your phone calls, reading your emails and monitoring....? -jhbailey1956
09/08/2017 Do you wish you had a feminist health care provider? What about a body positive experience at the gynecologist, or relief from pain, shame and stigma? Our pelvic health-stravaganza is here at last. A primer on medical literacy and pelvic health with the help of our listeners. Featuring nurse Amy Roberts, certified nurse-midwife Laura Todaro (we're now obsessed with midwives!), and physical therapist with special training in pelvic health, Dana Taussig. Plus, Midwest Divas, we're coming to you in October!
Thx to @callyrgf's pelvic health episode, I learned "kegels" is pronounced like "eagles" not "bagels"! -sarahfelts
11/16/2015As Belinda's day at the company party continues, the mysterious Duchess takes her to a nearby chalet where things get very racy...
One of the funniest podcasts I've ever heard! All the LOLs and cliffhangers! -Tlo99
07/24/2017 In Episode 16 of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with Anne Stevenson-Yang. Anne is the co-founder of J Capital Research, which conducts ground-up, primary research for institutional money managers on stocks, the Chinese economy, and the Chinese financial system. She is also the co-founder of a group of online media businesses called Blue Bamboo Ventures. She also founded and operated the CRM software company, Clarity Data Systems. Additionally, Anne Stevenson-Yang is the founder of a publishing company whose flagship magazine is City Weekend, one of the highest-circulation English magazines in China. Over 25 years in China, Mrs. Stevenson-Yang has also worked as an industry analyst and trade advocate, heading the US Information Technology Office and the China operations of the US-China Business Council. Anne Stevenson-Yang is the author of the recent book China Alone: China's Emergence and Potential Return to Isolation, in which she sets out her views on the Chinese economy and political system, arguing that China historically repeats a cycle of expansion and retreat. In this episode, we take a trip to the other side of the world. We travel to the land of China. Our conversation concerns itself with the contemporary changes in Chinese society that came after the death of Chairman Mao. What was life like in China before Nixon and Kissinger made their famous visit in 1971? Why did modernization and reform in China begin after 1978? Who was responsible for the opening in China? What was the role of Deng Xiaoping, and why is he remembered as "the architect” of a new brand of thinking that combined socialist ideology with pragmatic aspects of market economics - a system the Chinese call "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics." What changes did the Chinese experience between 1979 and 1989, during the implementation of the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping? How did these reforms culminate into the protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989? What was the Chinese government’s reaction to the uprisings? The Chinese response differed significantly from the Soviet reaction to the fall of the Berlin Wall in the same year. The Chinese government decided to follow a different path after the massacres in Tiananmen Square, by turbocharging economic development. Explicit targets were set for GDP growth. There was selective liberalization of the Chinese economy, particularly in Chinese real estate. China placed a huge emphasis on building its manufacturing industries and on acquiring hard currency through exports. The Chinese financial system remained highly centralized and China's currency, the renminbi, carefully controlled. All this was used towards re-investment with an almost single-minded commitment to hitting the government's GDP targets. Some have called the rise of China in the late 20th century a miracle. It is more appropriate to call it "the Chinese miracle." The size of the Chinese economy has increased more than 25-fold in the last 25 years. Thirty years ago, the Chinese economy measured in at less than 5% of US GDP in exchange terms (perhaps as low as 2%). By 1992, the Chinese economy was only 6% of US GDP. By 2000 China weighed in at roughly 12-15% of US GDP. Today, China boasts a Gross Domestic Product that is roughly 60% that of United States. Loan Growth in the Chinese financial system has averaged 16 percent in the last 20 years. Loan growth in China reached an all-time high of 35% percent of GDP in June of 2009, amidst the greatest economic contraction since the Great Depression. Total debt in China recently surpassed 300% of GDP. This makes the finances of Western nations like the United States, France, and the United Kingdom seem frugal by comparison. In the first 7 years since the financial crisis, bank liabilities in the Chinese financial system grew by nearly $15 trillion dollars. This is the near equivalent of the consolidated size of all US commercial banks. China has used more cement in 3 years of massive overbuilding than the U.S. employed in all of the 20th Century. Hundreds of thousands of meters of unsold residential real estate sit empty around the country. There is a massive amount of industrial overcapacity in China. Chinese ghost cities have become almost as cliche as the fake Paris', Venice, and Dubai's created within mainland China. The Chinese economy is in terrible need of a recession. But the Chinese government cannot afford the recession that it desperately needs. Nevertheless, it cannot avoid the crisis that has been building in the Chinese financial system. How will the citizens of China, its trading partners, emerging markets and developed economies react when the reckoning finally arrives. How much longer can the Chinese government continue to postpone the inevitable? Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @hiddenforcespod
Speaking of our recent theme of China this is a great podcast -mcm_ct
09/09/2017 GQ contributor Chloé Cooper Jones joins Thirty Love host Carl Bialik at the US Open to talk about her recent profile of Austrian star Dominic Thiem, why his narrative seems harder for fans to embrace and why she finds it moving and profound. Produced and edited by Jorge Estrada, with music by Lee Rosevere. Cooper Jones on Twitter: Cooper Jones's profile of Thiem in GQ:
Great podcast about #DominicThiem. GQ writer Chloe Cooper Jones explains "no one cares" headline👌🎾👍🏼 -leesloangarcia